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Lârss & Elbö on Hawick Avenue.

Lârss & Elbö is a clothing store chain in Grand Theft Auto V with two stores in Los Santos. One of them is located opposite SubUrban and Echo Rock Insurance & Financial Services on Hawick Avenue in Hawick, and the other one can be found at the Prosperity Street Promenade in Del Perro.

The store on Hawick Avenue offers customers a six-space parking lot, with five dedicated to staff. Outside the building are wooden benches, a United States Post mailbox and vending machines dispensing the Daily Constitutional newspapers. From observation, the store sells red, black, green and blue Ranch clothing.


  • The company's name comes from the expression "Not know one's arse from one's elbow", meaning a very stupid person.
  • Judging by its name, it is probably a Scandinavian company.
  • Some billboards advertising the brand read 'Cut the Krapea'.


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