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Los Santos Police Department
Lossantos seal
Obey & Survive
Common name: Los Santos Police Department
Abbreviation: LSPD
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Type: Law enforcement agency
Vehicle(s): Police Cruiser, Interceptor, Police Buffalo, Police Riot, Police Maverick, Unmarked Cruiser, Police Transporter, Police Predator
Location(s): Mission Row Police Station
La Mesa Police Station
Davis Sheriff/Police Station
Vinewood Police Station
Rockford Hills Police Station
Del Perro Police Station
Vespucci Police Station
Vespucci Beach Police Station
For the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas rendition, see Los Santos Police Department (3D Universe).
"Obey and Survive."
―Motto of the LSPD.

The Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) is the police department of the city of Los Santos, San Andreas. The LSPD is based on the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The LSPD are responsible for cleaning the mean streets of Los Santos and are known for their brutal methods of crime stopping. L.S. Quick magazine describes the LSPD as the most violent police force in the world.

According to the badges on officers, the LSPD was established in 1889, nearly a hundred years after Los Santos was founded.

Unlike other games, LSPD officers and cars very rarely appear in the streets of Los Santos in GTA V, the only ways to find officers are in the airport, outside of police stations, when they are chasing down a suspect, Downtown LS, or by dialing 911 in the in-game phone for the Police. Arrow stations also usually have an officer or two in particular the underground ones. Sometimes, up to four officers can appear. In rare cases it is possible to see a police car with its siren on, but it is not possible to find officers on foot out of the police stations.


Some of the ways they stop crime (shooting someone who is resisting arrest, shooting a car of someone they've pulled over, killing a suspect, arresting someone for no reason) would get any real-life officer suspended, fired, and/or arrested, not to mention the department getting sued. The LSPD is well-funded and has several pieces of police equipment, police stations, and thousands of officers ready to beat down criminals.

The police will shoot the player once the 2nd star is earned. They will non-stop shoot the player until they pull out a weapon which they will then take cover (if the player aims at the police).

The LSPD are also quite tactical, they will often deploy officers behind the player, surrounding them, and preventing them from taking cover. The LSPD also know how to climb ladders and reach the hardest of places to reach. Usually, one of the two officers in a police car will carry a shotgun, whilst the over carries a pistol. They will take cover behind their doors, even if the player doesn't have a weapon out.

The police in the enhanced version of GTA V are slightly more violent, whilst driving a car, if the player attempts to shoot the policemen that are in the police car, the police officers in police car will now drive-by-shoot the player until the player stops shooting at them. Making police chases in cars much harder than before.


The LSPD follow a rank and hierarchy system similar to the real world counterpart of the LAPD. Some of the LSPD officers have patches on their uniform sleeves which show their rank. To determine whether an officer is Police Officer I or II, officers with a tie and no rank on their shoulder will most likely represent Officer I because most rookies out of the academy wear a tie on the job. Officers that don't wear a tie and have no rank on their shoulder are most likely Officer II.

Senior Management

  • Chief of Police
  • Assistant Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Commander
  • Spokesman
    • Lee Whitless


List of Police Stations

Main Article: Police Stations

The Los Santos Police Department is large and organized, possessing eight Police Stations throughout the city of Los Santos.



The LSPD has multiple types of vehicles at their disposal, including:

  • The Police Cruiser, based on the 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria, is a second generation Stanier which can be seen mostly parked at police stations and will also be used to patrol and respond to crimes in the Downtown area of Los Santos. It's capabilities and vehicle performances have been upgraded compared to its previous predecessor, the first generation Stainer.
  • The Police Interceptor, designed after the new Taurus-based Ford Police Interceptor showcasing new LED style lightbars, working alley lights, wig wag tail lights, flashing head lights, grill lights, windshield and back windows lights and push bar lights. This vehicle can be found at police stations as well as on patrol and responding to crimes/chasing criminals. It is also the main squad car the LSPD uses.
  • The Police Buffalo, based on the Dodge Charger. This vehicle is rarely seen; it is used to patrol the Downtown area of Los Santos.
  • The Police Transporter, based on a Second generation Burrito. It is used to patrol certain parts of Los Santos but will appear mostly during a wanted level of 3 stars or higher, in roadblocks where it will deploy a spike strip.
  • The Unmarked Cruiser, based on the Police Cruiser and also a second generation Stanier, is an unmarked vehicle that can be found around Downtown Los Santos, however it is rare and less common to find. It appears mainly black in color and has no external markings or visible emergency lights making it much more inconspicuous to the public and is mainly used by detectives rather than patrol officers.
  • The Police Maverick, based on the real-life American Eurocopter AS350B-2 A-Star, It can be seen parked on certain police station roofs and can also be seen patrolling the skies and chasing criminals. It is used by the Police only in scripted events, as in normal gameplay it us used by the NOOSE instead.
  • The Police Predator, it can be seen patrolling the waters and shores near the beaches and can sometimes be seen chasing criminals. It will spawn when the player is either close to or in the water with 1 wanted level or higher.
  • The Police Riot, can be seen at a wanted level of 4 and 5 stars and are used mostly in roadblocks but sometimes nearby officers will pursue the player with one, though it is very slow.


LSPD Officers wear all navy blue uniforms resembling their real life counterparts in the LAPD. They wear either long or short-sleeved duty shirts on which their badges, resembling the LAPD silver badge, is displayed on their left side. Their shirts may also display stripes on their sleeves to indicate their rank. They wear long duty pants and are also equipped with a duty belt, which contains a radio, a pair of handcuffs, ammo  cases, and what appears to be a Glock 22. Some can also be seen wearing a police hat, body armor (kevlar), and more rarely, a pair of glasses. There is an LSPD uniform for Michael which can be worn using mods as seen on this video

When chased at a 3 star wanted level and above the officers in cars wear bulletproof vests over their uniform, which can make them tougher to kill.

  • To negate this, the player must shoot them in the head.
  • Female officers wearing body armor are rare, as are female officers not wearing body armor.





  • In GTA V, Bigfoot appears on the LSPD Emblem, possibly a nod to the Bigfoot rumors from GTA San Andreas.
  • If the player obtains a wanted level during Three's Company, Dave Norton will state that their training lasts for two weeks, and that Michael should have no difficulties to lose them.
  • Their slogan is "Obey & Survive", another proof of the LSPD's brutality.
  • An in-game news article that says a man was arrested for using his camera phone to film the cops and they shot his dog for "good measure" is likely based on the real life incident that happened earlier in 2013. A man filmed cops at a crime scene and had his car radio on very loud and was arrested for it, while being handcuffed, his dog jumped out of the car window and barked and leaped at the cops while trying to get to his owner. One of the cops (A Hawthorne police officer and not an LAPD one) responded by shooting the dog dead. This obviously caused uproar and anger from the public.[1][2]
  • Interestingly, when there are a lot of wounded officers or civilians, there is a chance that two or more unharmed officers will make a hasty attempt to go and drag any of them into cover. They will drag them into cover. If a civilian is taken into cover, they will still be on the ground in pain (when paramedics are dispatched, they will save them), while an officer will stay at their side, protecting them. However, if an officer is taken into cover, it will take around 15-20 seconds (less if paramedics are dispatched and they are healing them) for them to get back up, pull out a pistol and resume to shoot at the player.
    • Paramedics will rarely succeed, as they will leave if any shots are fired, and the police will continously shoot at the player.
  • The LSPD, like the real LAPD, is often accused of racism. This is backed by the fact that the LSPD are currently creating "minority quotas" in order to help boost their reputation.
  • In the LSPD emblem on the top is the Epsilon Program symbol, possibly hinting that they are in some way connected to them.
  • LSPD officers' hat has the logo of the Los Santos Sheriff Department.
  • LSPD officers can sometimes attack pedestrians attacking the player, much like the LCPD in GTA IV, but unlike the LCPD, they will shoot at pedestrians instead of trying to arrest them.
  • Unlike police in other games, if the player acquires a wanted level while a LSPD car is chasing an NPC, it will usually ignore it.
  • If the player has a wanted level, and the officers don't have a police vehicle near them, they will get into parked civilian vehicles or carjack them, the same as GTA IV's LCPD.
    • The player's vehicle may be subject to this. If parked near a police station, if a chase occurs and the player is outside the vehicle, he may witness a cop stealing it.
  • If the player or an NPC is being chased by the police while in sight of other officers on foot, the officers on foot will get into near police vehicles and help their partners.
  • It is stated that the LSPD is also accused of hiring prostitutes, or even having oral sex with their favorite prostitute as stated in their Bleeter page, although this cannot be seen in-game, nor in their Bleeter page.
  • Police are able to enter protagonists' houses if they have a wanted level, which could result in getting killed or arrested depending on how high it is (confirmed with Michael and Franklin). The same is true for light rail stations.
  • There is an LSPD pilot that can be placed down in capture creator.
  • In very rare instances the LSPD will announce themselves as Globalpol.
  • In the heist setup mission Prison Break - Station, two players will have to dress up as LSPD officers to steal the prison bus schedule from the Mission Row Police Station.
    • The outfit worn by the players in this heist setup is the only heist setup outfit that can not be purchased.




Introduced in GTA IV: LCPD-GTA4-logo LCPDState police logo ASPLiberty-City-Port-Authority-Logo-1 LCPANOOSE-GTA4-logo NOOSEFIB logo FIB
Introduced in GTA: CW: IAD
Introduced in GTA V: Lossantos seal LSPDLSCS logo LSSDIAA logo IAASAHP SAHPLos-Santos-County-Seal SAPRNorthYanktonStatePatrol-Logo-GTAV NYSP
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