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"Classic oval race on the roof of the Maze Bank Arena"

LS FORUM is a user created map verified by Rockstar in the first user created content update. It is a small race based off of NASCAR tracks, suspended high above the ground.


This is a very straightforward race, with short laps that can be completed in just over 26 seconds. Caution should be taken when driving near either edge, as the wall will quickly knock you out of place, while the opposite edge has many poles sticking out of the floor, along with a 15 story drop to the ground.


Although the track is very simple, it is far from easy. You are forced to stay on a curving path, meaning you will always gravitate toward the left of the track, which can through off players who are not used to the track or do not have bikes with the appropriate suspension. Ramming is another big problem, as the slope naturally inclines players to group together, making ramming very easy and extremely effective. Players should also be wary of playing this map while it is raining. The rain causes players to slide and slip around very easily, which makes turning right a problem.


  • Although the preview image shows super cars, only bikes are available on this job.
  • This map can be used to easily get extra bike parts and colors.

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