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Larry's RV Sales is a used motorhome dealership located at 2024 on Route 68 in Harmony, Blaine County. A billboard advertising the company can be found 0.16 miles up from an abandoned gas station in Grand Senora Desert. As stated on the sign the company's caravans provide a tiny stove, a miniscule toilet and a holding tank which holds four hundred and sixty-nine gallons of feces. Griff can be found in front of the store.


  • Although Campers can be found at the parking lot of the dealership, they cannot be purchased. Journeys are also not found here. The dealership is most likely used for decoration. 
  • It is one of the few location to successfuly obtain a Night stick. (Threaten and kill the Security Guard)
  • The business can be spotted in the gameplay trailer where Franklin walks alongside Griff.
  • If a player happens to park their car in the dealership's parking lot, get out, and then get back in it, they will receive a one star wanted level. This glitch was also present at Auto Eroticar in Grand Theft Auto IV
  • The company's tagline reads: "Proudly serving Sandy Shores since 1971".
  • Ironically, the advertisment in Grand Senora Desert features a picture of a Journey even though they aren't present at the dealership itself.
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