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[[Category:Characters|Joe, Larry]]
[[Category:Characters|Joe, Larry]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA Vice City Stories|Joe, Larry]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA Vice City Stories|Joe, Larry]]
[[Category:military personnel]]
[[Category:Military personnel]]

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Larry Joe is a typical redneck who enjoys beer, hunting and fishing. In 1984 he is the co-host of the Bait and Switch show on VCPR, alongside Bobbie Ray. He's relatively dedicated to his sport, although his methods of catching prey are clearly in violation of generally-accepted hunting regulations. His reactions to his co-host's ramblings differ from concern to frustration depending on the content. He gets mad when his co-host calls some prostitutes "Sluts" and Larry Joe's wife (Marie Sue) a whore. However, on one occasion, he gets annoyed when Bobbie Ray "gays it all up."


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