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Las Colinas

Las Colinas, as seen from Jefferson, Los Santos.

Las Colinas Map

Las Colinas location

Las Colinas is a district to the north-east of Los Santos, and is a stronghold for the Los Santos Vagos gang. Las Colinas is a hilly district which contains steep downhills and uphills along with winding roads and alleyways. Las Colinas is largely residential, working-class and poor with a high crime rate, and neighbors other Vagos and Ballas territories, specifically Los Flores, East Beach, Glen Park, Jefferson and East Los Santos. It also neighbors to the north Red County the countryside. There are no specific residents of Las Colinas. Las Colinas has a est. population of 914 as of 1992, It's also the longest neighbourhood in Los Santos. Las Colinas is predominantly Mexican/hispanic.

Las Colinas contains various small, single-family houses, apartments, small-time stores and a trailer park area.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Las Colinas does not feature much during the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas storyline. During one mission, Carl Johnson and OG Loc chase Freddy, a homosexual Vagos gangster, through parts of Las Colinas, as he had some sort of sexual relation with OG Loc when Loc was still in prison. Nothing else, other than the mission described above, takes the player to Las Colinas.



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  • Las Colinas translates as "The Hills" in Spanish.

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