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Leftwood, Alderney City
[[file:Leftwood (From Franklin St.)|{{{imagesize}}}]]
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Country: United States of America
State: State of Alderney

Leftwood is a township in the State of Alderney . It is located in North Alderney, bordered by Flathead Rd in the North (Westdyke), the West River in the East (North Holland in Algonquin, Liberty City), and Panhandle Rd in the south (Alderney City).


Leftwood (red) in the Liberty City map.


Leftwood is a middle and working-class residential township with a large multi-cultural population made up of a mix of Hispanics, Portuguese, and Italians, judging from Italian and Portuguese flags seen throughout the township and the bilingual banner and signs seen on the Leftwood Community Hall and other retail stores. Leftwood also has a large shopping economy, containing many retails stores and a strip mall with a four-story parking garage along Sacramento Ave that spans between Leftwood and Westdyke. Residential wise, Leftwood contains many homes and apartment buildings ranging from three to five stories, in which several can be entered.


Leftwood appears to contain elements of towns from Bergen County & Hudson County in general. Its namesake is believed to be derived from Englewood, New Jersey, but bears more of a resemblace to the smaller, less-known town of Westwood, New Jersey. The township may most likely be based on the former, however, due to Englewood's dominance of fame over Westwood.



The list of streets that runs through Leftwood are:


In Leftwood, the Plumbers Skyway can be entered or exited in two ways. The first is shortly after driving off the Hickey Bridge into Alderney, and through the street lights at the Rand Ave Intersection. The second entrance can be accessed from a three way intersection on Manzano Road. Exiting here can only be made here if your driving in the right lane, from the Hickey Bridge direction.


The Hickey Bridge can be accessed from Leftwood from the Rand Ave Intersection which sits along the borders of Alderney City & Leftwood.

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