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"Uhh, nothing."
―Leroy before being knocked out.

Leroy is a character appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V. Leroy is a member of the Families and a friend of Lamar Davis. Leroy owns a small chain of stores, called Leroy's Electricals, with one store in Strawberry (near Franklin Clinton's first house) and another in Mirror Park.

Grand Theft Auto Online

During the mission Caught Napping, Leroy is kidnapped by the Ballas, and Lamar orders the player to rescue him. The player needs to escape from the Ballas and deliver Leroy to his store in Strawberry. If the player crashes the car several times before getting there, Leroy will make remarks about the driving.

Grand Theft Auto V

In Fresh Meat, Leroy makes a cameo appearance, walking by Franklin's house in Forum Drive (probably on the way to his store), before Trevor Philips sucker punches Leroy, making him fall to the ground.

Mission appearances

GTA Online



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