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Lifeguard Helicopter
Lime green frogger on roof
A Lifeguard Helicopter in GTA V
Vehicle class
Vehicle type Civilian helicopter
Body style Light helicopter
Capacity 4 (pilot and three passengers)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V
Manufacturer Maibatsu
Related vehicle(s) Frogger
FIB Helicopter

The Maibatsu Lifeguard Helicopter (also known as the Lifeguard Frogger) is a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto V. They can often be seen flying over Vespucci Beach and Del Perro Beach.


The Lifeguard Helicopter is a variant of the Frogger, featuring a bright lime green body and white vinyl design. Often it can appear bright yellow to players, depending on how light reflects off it.

The helicopter is in fact not used by lifeguard personnel, rather normal civilians who often wear red clothing. The term "Lifeguard" helicopter which it received is in due to its normal flight pattern along the coast, never going inland unless chased by players.


  • It can be seen as a successor to the cut Coastguard Maverick from SA/VC.
  • Again, its reference as a "Lifeguard" helicopter is due to its strict flight pattern along the coast. Otherwise it shares the exact same traits as other NPC controlled Froggers, both in appearance & handling.
  • It is the only color variant of the Frogger controlled by NPCs that never lands.


  • Despite rumors that it can spawn on helipads in Del Perro Beach and Vespucci Beach, no example of this has been seen so far. Lifeguard helicopters appear to only spawn in the air above beaches, flown by an NPC and normally locked to players regardless. There is one known method for obtaining one from the NPC flying it, however it requires a great deal of skill and luck. To get it, you need to destroy it with a Buzzard until its engine breaks (once the engine starts shutting off a couple times for a few seconds, leave it, as the engine will eventually completely break), it will slowly start to descend, when it's low, quickly determine where it's going to land, and get down to the ground before it does. As soon as it hits the ground, quickly enter it, you will not be able to enter it if the pilot & passenger hop out. Once you take it, quickly switch characters to perform the character switch vehicle repair trick. However if the helicopter has officially shut down completely before the repair is performed, the helicopter will vanish.
  • It can be saved at a player's helipad in Singleplayer by simply landing it there, however it will vanish if a purchased helicopter is selected.
  • It has the same flight pattern both in Singleplayer & GTA Online.


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