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Lionel Makepeace is a character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, voiced by Steve Stratton. In 1984, Makepeace is the DJ of the radio station Emotion 98.3. Makepeace imagines a "better world, where men and women understand each other and where the only reason to quarrel is to make up". However, he admits to having a broken heart and frequently looks for love from the station's listeners. He admits to once using the services of a prostitute, falling in love with her, and once loved a woman called Cheryl, both of whom broke his heart. He has a cousin, who is a physicist. Makepeace has previously had therapy sessions, and claims he now "hates himself" as opposed to hating himself "for what happened". Makepeace is friends with the station's reporter Fernando Martinez, whom he claims is a "spiritual force", though he questions Martinez's interpretation of love and use of prostitutes in "seedy massage parlours". By 1986, Martinez has replaced Makepeace as the station's DJ.

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