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Little Bighorn Avenue.

Little Bighorn Avenue is a two-way road in Los Santos that starts at Carson Avenue, Rancho, and ends at Integrity Way, Textile City. It runs next to Los Santos Storm Drain and the Mission Row Police Station and has connections to Macdonald Street, Innocence Boulevard, Jamestown Street, Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, Capital Boulevard, Crusade Road, Adam's Apple Boulevard, Atlee Street and Sinners Passage.

Despite having very few points of interest, the avenue appears in several missions, such as Chop, Fame or Shame, I Fought the Law... and the Online mission Rooftop Rumble. Gray Nicholson's random event also takes place here. The avenue contains a purchasable two-car garage. The garage's address is 12 Little Bighorn Avenue.

Places of Interest


  • AGL Refrigerated Storage Inc. (corner of Capital Boulevard)
  • Arts
  • Atomic
  • Auto Repairs
  • Auto Re-Perez (corner of Crusade Road)
  • Discount Fabrics Wholesale (corner of Sinners Passage)
  • Hayes Autos
  • The Look Depository (corner of Atlee Street)
  • Los Santos Department of Water & Power (corner of Jamestown Street)
  • Material Wealth Fabric Storage
  • Mom's Tacos (corner of Carson Avenue)
  • Panache Laundering (corner of Capital Boulevard)
  • Santos Imports Inc.
  • TGSA



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