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The Loonies' gang car, the Dementia, with their logo on top.
Games: Grand Theft Auto 2
Locations: Downtown District, Anywhere City
Leader: Elmo
Type: Pack of lunatics
Enemies: Yakuza
Affiliations: Claude Speed
Colors: Light green
Vehicles: Dementia
Members: Spaz Funbags (Possibly)

In Grand Theft Auto 2, the Loonies live in the mental hospital in the Downtown District, Anywhere City and their leader, Elmo, gives Claude Speed missions. Claude can only work for the Loonies during the first third of the game in the Downtown District.

Gaining Respect

In GTA 2, Claude Speed needs sufficient respect from the Loonies to attempt their missions. If his respect drops too low (for example, from killing Loonies) they will attack him with a Pistol. To gain Loonies respect, Claude needs to kill Yakuza.


The neighborhoods of Fruitbat and Sunnyside are under Loonie control, while many of their missions take place at the University. The Loonie HQ, which is a mental hospital, is located in Sunnyside which is the name of a mental hospital in Montrose, Scotland which is next to Dundee, Scotland, the city GTA was created in.


1. Radio Za-Za!,

2. Pizza Cake!,

3. Who's Mad?,

4. Destroy J-Lab!,

5. Dimentia To Go!,

6. Taxi Drivers Must Die!,

7. Gang War A-Go-Go!,

Other appearances

The Loonies make a brief appearance during an Scientists mission in the Residential District in which Claude, in order to gain the respect and trust of the Rednecks, must run down and kill three escaped Loonies.

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