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Los Flores Street

Street view of Los Flores

Los Flores Heli

Aerial view of Los Flores

Los Flores is a small district in eastern Los Santos, San Andreas.


The main roads of Los Flores consist of elevated banks. Part of it is also higher than the rest of the district. Los Flores is a combination of small time businesses and low quality apartments, projects and houses, garages and a small bridge. The area has a high crime rate. There are no specific residents of Los Flores, along with no weapons, stationary vehicles, icons or any other things of interest, besides a couple of collectibles, which are needed for 100% completion. Los Flores means The Flowers in Spanish. Even though the neighborhood is quite small, its population is 742, mainly made up of the tall apartments in the area. The area is predominantly Mexican/Hispanic.


The neighborhood is possibly modeled after the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles.

Gang control

It is controlled by the Los Santos Vagos. The player can acquire the neighborhood as Grove Street Families turf via gang wars, if he desires so.




  • Los Flores translates as "The Flowers" in Spanish. But it's in incorrect Spanish. Los is a masculine article for the Spanish language and Flores is feminine. The correct form would be Las Flores. That's another example for incorrect Spanish in GTA San Andreas.

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