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The Los Santos City Hall is one of the main government buildings on Occupation Avenue in Alta and Vinewood, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. The building contains many local government agencies such as the office of the Mayor.


  • When on the Vinewood Star Tours, one tourist will comment on how the building looked much bigger previously. This could be reference to how the building was apparently downsized since its last appearance in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, although it could be a reference to the fact that, just like in real life, the city hall used to be the city's biggest structure for many years before all the skyscrapers were built, and therefore it looked bigger in comparison with the rest of buildings in the city.
    • The tour guide also comments that the City Hall was used during the final battle of the movie Invasion: Los Santos.
  • The building is shaped like a penis, and the building behind it in Downtown Los Santos has "Penris" written on it. This is most likely an easter egg.


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