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Los Santos Department of Water & Power
Name: Los Santos Department of Water & Power
Type: Energy company
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
"Suppliers of the traditional energy sources that keep San Andreas green agriculturally but not environmentally."
― Description at

The Los Santos Department of Water & Power is a public utility company that provides natural gas and electricity to the city of Los Santos and most of the State of San Andreas. They are opposed to wind power, making a commercial claiming that large, slow-moving wind turbines are dangerous to birds. Strangely, the announcer for the commercial has an English accent.


It is based on the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. The player can buy stocks from them at the website.

The company's website reveals they are working with state and federal officials to build a pipeline from the Canadian lakes to bring fresh water to the homes of Los Santos. The company also uses "Clean Coal" to power Los Santos, obtaining this by blowing up the tops of the Appalachian mountains. However, the byproduct of this extraction process fills up the rivers and valleys, harming the environment.

The company also has a dislike for windmills and campaigns to put a stop to them. According to "some scientists", they are just a bunch of hot air and the leading reason that several species of pigeon are endangered.

The company's in-game website is



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