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Los Santos Fire Department
LSFD logo
Common name: Los Santos Fire Department
Abbreviation: LSFD
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online

The Los Santos County Fire Department (LSFD) is the fire department and paramedic agency that protects the city of Los Santos, Los Santos County, and Blaine County featured in Grand Theft Auto V. The Los Santos City Fire Department is a subdivision of the Los Santos County Fire Department, as all fire apparatus bear both organizations' names. The two departments are based on the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) and the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD), respectively. The fire department is a lot more responsive and professional than the predecessor's fire service, with firefighters responding to fires quickly and extinguishing them with fire extinguishers and the fire truck's deck gun. Firefighters once again have a larger purpose in the game.

Summoning the Fire Dept.

The Los Santos County Fire Department can easily be summoned by cell phone. To call a fire truck, select "contacts" on the player's phone, then select "emergency services," and press "fire dept." when prompted by the 911 dispatcher. This can also be done by dialing 911 on the phone's dialpad. After doing this, a fire truck will arrive at the player's location, a few minutes after the call is ended. The same can be done with Paramedics by selecting "Paramedics" on the menu; however, there is no guarantee whether the responding Ambulance will be owned by the LSFD or a Hospital.

Another interesting fact is that while standing near the Davis Fire Station, the fire bell may be heard and a truck will leave out on a call. If followed, you will see them arrive on scene and use the water cannon but there will be no flames. 


Fire and Rescue Apparatus

  • Fire Engines: Modified MTL Fire Engine with a Los Santos Fire Department, red with white & orange stripe color scheme. They can be found parked outside most fire stations and occassionally en route to incidents.
  • Rescue Ambulances: Brute manufactured Burrito based model with a Los Santos Fire Department "Paramedic", red with white & orange stripe color scheme. These may be found outside hospitals and sometimes one may pull up.
  • Air Ambulance: The LSFD also extends their services to the use of Air Ambulance helicopters, located on hospital helipads these helicopters are marked red and white with "Ambulance" on the doors and tail of the chopper. Found on top of Central Los Santos Hospital. The player has to ascend several flights of stairs to get to the helipad where one should be parked.


Fire Department

Fire Turnout Gear

LSFD firefighters wear all yellow or dark brown bunker gear with yellow & silver fluorescent strands resembling their real life counterparts in the LAFD. They also have a white nomex hood visible around their necks and wear grey or brown firefighting gloves. The fire Helmets which appear to be Phenix 1500's per LAFD and are either colored Yellow, Orange or White based on the firefighters rank: Yellow being firefighter; Orange being Captain; and White being a Battalion Chief or Commanding Officer. The firefighters helmets also sometimes have goggles on the front of the helmets. Firefighters will sometimes wear SCBA packs and masks when arriving to a scene, as well as use fire extinguishers, fire axes or the fire trucks water cannon to deal with fires.


List of Fire Stations

There are 7 Fire Stations in Los Santos, Los Santos County, and Blaine County in Grand Theft Auto V. The 7 Fire Stations serve the following communities:



Main Article: Paramedics, Hospitals

The Los Santos Fire Department Paramedics (like the Los Santos Lifeguard) are a division of the LSFD and are mobile emergency personnel tasked in providing on-site treatment of injuries, as well as transport patients to the hospital by Ambulance.

Uniform and Equipment

Paramedics wear a dark navy blue uniform with the green medical patch (or blue medical star) symbol on each shoulder. Medics also wear a belt which contain most likely more medical tools and supplies such as gauze, bandages, and surgical scissors/knives. They also wear a name tag and carry a stethoscope around their neck while wearing latex gloves due to health reasons and sanitation when performing their duties. Sometimes they are seen wearing a hat


Hospital Locations



  • Firefighters and Paramedics will become hostile toward players if they see you stealing one of their rigs, usually resulting in a one star wanted level.
    • The same is true if you hang around them. You'll first be told that you're a waste of space before they engage you in a fistfight. Most of the time, engaging in the fistfight results in a wanted level.
  • All the firefighters' helmets seems to be numbered 23 but the actual trucks are numbered 32.
  • When firefighters arrive on the scene none of them will be wearing fire helmets, which is a prohibited practice in real life.
  • Some of the firefighters' gear seems to be dark brown possibly from heavy use or possibly older gear still in service.
  • The LSFD has the FDLC emblem as well as a support ribbon on their fire apparatus possibly to show support to the FDLC/FDNY for September 11th.
  • In all LSFD stations in Los Santos you can hear the songs from Los Santos Rock Radio.
  • When standing outside a firehouse the bell may sound and a firetruck will leave on a call, however if standing close to the station when the bell sounds the firefighters won't move at all.
    • The player may even occassionally spot a fire truck on the road with its sirens on; however this is a rather rare occassion.
  • If there is a police chase/shootout going on in vicinity of fire crew members, they will flee in terror.
  • Whenever the fire department is dispatched to a fire call, two crew members can be seen riding on the back of the fire engine. This is unsafe in real life.
  • If it's raining, there will be no firefighters standing outside fire stations. The player can use this to their advantage to obtain a fire engine without getting into trouble like they usually would.
  • Since The San Andreas Flight School update, it is possible for firefighters to use the Fire Truck mounted water cannon.
  • Players may follow emergency vehicles if they wish. However, if the player hits the fire truck or ambulance, the personel will get out and try to fight with them.



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