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Los Santos Golf Club
Los Santos Golf Club Logo-GTA V
Name: Los Santos Golf Club
Type: Country club
Founded: 1992
Owner: Raymond (Formerly)
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Locations: Richman, Los Santos
"The Los Santos Golf Club is the one place wealthy men know they can get away from their wives, because they're not allowed to play. Women might have won the vote in 1920, but they're still not allowed on the course in Richman."
―GTA V Manual

The Los Santos Golf Club is a 9 hole golf course featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It is based on the Los Angeles Country Club.

Grand Theft Auto V


The country club's golf course.

The golf club is the most expensive property that any of the three characters can buy in the game and in the entire series, costing $150,000,000 and generates a weekly income of $264,500. It can be purchased after completing the mission Nervous Ron, though barring the use of cheat codes it is unlikely the player will have amassed anywhere near enough cash that early on in the game.

To play a round of golf, walk to the front door of the clubhouse between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. The entrance fee is $100. Golf is played rain or shine.


All three characters can play golf with each other as an activity. If the player walks alone to the front door, NPC members will be available for a game :

  • Todd Rosenweig (Easy)
  • Aaron Ingram (Normal)
  • Jeff Miller (Normal)
  • Glenn Mather (Hard)
  • Castro Lagano (Hard) - The player must complete his random event before Castro becomes available for golfing.

This location is part of the Strangers and Freaks mission Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark given to Trevor Philips. In this mission, Trevor must obtain Mark Fostenburg's golf club to Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Despite claims that women aren't allowed on the course, female players can still play golf here in GTA Online.

Score card

The course only features 9 holes with a 36 regular par. Gimmes are accepted.

Hole 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th Total
Yardage 531 436 168 340 435 235 416 541 361 3,464
Par 5 4 3 4 4 3 4 5 4 36


  • Caddy - provided to the player during a round, but they may also be found parked around the course both during and after business hours
  • Mower (at 20:00-21:00 at night)



  • The LS Golf Club is the most expensive business in Story Mode, also making it the most profitable business.
  • The 69 in 169 yards on hole 8 is a reference to the 69 sex position, another example of Rockstar's crude humor.
  • The layout of several of the courses resembles a penis, with two sandpits (representing testicles) located at the end of a long stretch of green. This is one of the many uses of sexual humour by Rockstar in Grand Theft Auto V.
  • If purchased, the property will take 568 weeks to turn a profit over the initial investment.
  • It was founded in 1992, the same year Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was set in.
  • Similar to Los Santos International Airport, if the player flies low above the golf club, the air traffic controller will warn the player that they are flying over restricted airspace. Not complying with these warnings will result in a two-star wanted level, though if you are flying a helicopter and simply land the vehicle on the course and walk away from it, no wanted level occurs.
  • Driving a road vehicle that the player is using and driving on the course will engage the player with a 2 star wanted level.
  • Even when you purchase the Golf Club, the Golf Club Business Card will not be in your stack of owned properties business cards on the Rockstar Social Club.
  • When you buy this property, the manager Raymond will call you and apologize for any bad treatment before and justify it by telling the protagonist that they "had no idea you were this rich!" However, only Michael's phone call will have accurate subtitles - Trevor and Franklin's calls will have missing and changed words.
  • Each protagonist will automatically change into course-appropriate attire when starting a round of golf.
    • If the player owns the property, they can wear whatever they like when playing Golf.

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