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The Los Santos Storm Drain in GTA V.
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The Los Santos Storm Drain, also known as the LS River or the LS Canal, is a large storm drain that runs throughout Los Santos, allowing waste and sewage to flow into the Pacific Ocean. It appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online and is based off the Los Angeles River.

In GTA V, the canal plays a large role in the game, where it is used by Michael De Santa and his crew to escape the police. It is also used by Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton, and Lamar Davis to escape the incoming Ballas. There are two canals in the game, the LS River and a smaller canal which passes behind Grove Street.

The LS River is very large in comparison to its predecessor. The canal includes more tunnels, a longer length, and is much more detailed. The LS River's main source begins at the Land Act Dam, then forms a small stream that flows into the canal. It passes from West Vinewood, through Downtown Los Santos, down South Los Santos, and into the Pacific Ocean.

The smaller canal has no source, but has two mouths, one ending in Vespucci and the other in Port of Los Santos. The smaller canal probably gets its water from a sewage pipe. The canal runs through South Los Santos, behind Grove Street and out into the ocean.

Canal Sources

The Los Santos Canal has two main sources that eventually form into one big river.

East Vinewood Source

Entrance to the East Vinewood Source.

The bigger source is located in East Vinewood. Its water is derived from the Land Act Reservoir deeper into the hills. The source runs straight from Mirror Park into South Los Santos. There are no workers here maintaining the river, but there are some tourists taking pictures.

Murrieta Heights Source

Entrance to the Murrieta Heights Source.

The smaller source is located in Murrieta Heights. The small creek does not seem to come from any body of water, and it just appears in front of an overpass. The source runs from Murrieta Heights and heads west, before merging into the East Vinewood Source. Unlike the East Vinewood Source, there are several maintenance crews here along with several pieces of machinery.

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