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Luis Guzmán

Luis Guzmán (born August 28, 1956) (age 56) is an American actor who voiced Ricardo Diaz in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. He is best known for his appearance in Carlito's Way.Guzman's numerous movie credits include carlito`s way, [1]Rise to Power,Welcome to Collinwood, Stonewall, Waiting, The Salten Sea, and Dumb and Dumberer. He has also appeared on the TV shows Homicide,Fraiser and Oz Guzmán also starred in the short-lived 2003 television comedy Luis, and is a commentator on VH1's I Love The 80`s, and its sequels, including I Love The 70`s and I Love The 90`s.


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