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MC Clip
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: MC Clip
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Home: Los Santos
Nationality: American
Vehicle(s): Seashark
Voiced by: J. Wells

MC Clip is a rapper, that is interviewed in an edition of the West Coast Classics Magazine.


MC Clip returned to the rap game. In the interview with WCCM, he stated that he was going to stop war. He recently was in a 3 hours concert in Los Santos.

In-Game Appearance

MC Clip makes an appearance in the mission Hood Safari, along with a group of girls in bikinis. When LamarTrevor and Franklin reach the Storm Drain, they hold MC Clip and his girls hostage by threatening them with guns. MC Clip and his girls surrender, allowing the three to steal the Seasharks behind them. 

Mission Appearences


  • If the player listens to the radio for a while after the mission, Hood Safari, is completed, it will say that MC Clip has died while the fight went on between the Families and the Ballas in the mission, even if the player chooses not to kill him. An internet article will also say that he was killed. Despite this, he still makes a bleet on Bleeter complaining about how two 'Hoods' stole his Seasharks and interrupted his flow. It's possible he was killed after posting the bleet.

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