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Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Weapon type: Light Machine Gun
Damage: 30 (per shot) [?]
Weight: Heavy
Ammunition capacity: 54 rounds (100 w/ Extended Clip)
Manufacturer: Shrewsbury (GTA V)
Available from: Ammu-Nation
Price: $3000
Unlocked After: Rank 50 (GTA Online)
"General purpose machine gun that combines rugged design with dependable performance. Long range penetrative power. Very effective against large groups."
―GTA V description on the Rockstar Games Social Club.

The Shrewsbury MG is a Light Machine Gun making its debut appearance in Grand Theft Auto V.


The MG has a moderate rate of fire with a 54 round box magazine and can be bought from Ammu-Nation late in the game. The overall weapon design is based upon the PKM with a belt drum from the RPD, and gas block from the AK. The model lacks the bipod and carry handle commonly found on the PKM. The weapon being more modern than the PKM model, it is then more similar to a PKP Pecheneg. The LMG does however feature a four-sided handguard with Picatinny rails on each side. The upper receiver also has a top picatinny rail. However, with an extended magazine, it will have a correct magazine size of 100.

While is not very powerful as the Combat MG and carries less ammunition, it is powerful enough to take out a Police Maverick from medium range within a few shots and seems to be a bit faster, although accuracy and recoil will be a problem, due to the lack of a grip option.



  • Scope (mid-range zoom, increases accuracy) - $1125


  • Default clip (54 rounds) - Equipped by default
  • Rounds (108 rounds) - $50
  • Extended clip (100 rounds) - $362


  • Black (default) - Equipped by default
  • Army Tint (Desert sand) - $100
  • Green Tint (Online only)
  • Orange Tint (Online only)
  • LSPD Tint
  • Pink Tint (Online only)
  • Gold Tint (Online only)
  • Platinum Tint (Online only)



GTA Online


  • If attaching a scope to the weapon then it will be fired from the shoulder like an assault rifle rather than being fired from the hip like normal. This also applies to other hip-fired weapons like the Micro SMG and Combat MG.
  • When reloading, the process can be done almost instantly. If a player presses B (Xbox) or Circle (PS3) to reload and wait a second, then do a combat roll (Hold LT and Press X for Xbox and L2 and Square for PS3) they may notice the ammo counter has reset to 54 (or 100 if the extended magazine is attached).
  • The MG is the shortest named gun in the Grand Theft Auto Series with only two letters in its name.
  • The buyable scope in the MG will have a green dot rather than a red dot.




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