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Mad Island Gang
Members of the Mad Island Gang on Mad Island.
Games: Grand Theft Auto 2
Locations: Mad Island, Industrial District, Anywhere City
Leader: Unknown
Type: Street Gang
Enemies: Claude Speed
Affiliations: Rednecks
Colors: Light blue
Vehicles: Gray Shark (game files)
Weapons: Pistol
Machine Gun

The Mad Island Gang is a small gang that makes an appearance in Grand Theft Auto 2. Their only turf is in Mad Island. Everytime the player is spotted by the gang, they automatically attack, regardless of how much respect the player has. They also play no part in the game. The gang's character model is identical to that of the Rednecks, leading some to believe that after the death of their leader, Billy Bob Bean, during the Residential portion of the game, that the gang relocated to Mad Island. Unlike the Rednecks, the Islanders have no redheaded members.

Mad Island is not available on the PlayStation 1 version of GTA 2, and, as a result, the Mad Island Gang isn't in the PlayStation version, either.

Game files reveal that the gang should also carry Shotguns, and that they were meant to drive gray Sharks.


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