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Mall Shootout
Juan Cortez asking Tommy Vercetti to go to a meeting at the North Point Mall
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
For: Colonel Cortez
Location: Cortez's Yacht, Ocean Bay Marina
Target: Pierre La Ponce
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Pierre escapes
Reward: $500
Unlocks: Guardian Angels
Waste the Wife
Unlocked by: Treacherous Swine
"Tommy, you are like a Pampas breeze that has freed me from the stench of corruption!"
Colonel Cortez

Mall Shootout is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by retired army colonel Juan Cortez from his yacht docked in Ocean Bay Marina in Ocean Beach, Vice City.


Cortez has a valuable merchandise that a courier will be delivering for him. Tommy offers Cortez help to retrieve the merchandise. Once the cutscene is finished, stop by the nearby Ammu-Nation first and pick up an Ingram Mac-10. When you get to the mall, head up to the escalator to meet up your contact. Sadly, the deal is interrupted by a bunch of GIGN officers. He heads right for a bike around the corner, so if you so desire you can destroy it before meeting him. If you decide to chase him down, ignore the other bike placed temptingly in your path and carjack something a bit sturdier - at this stage, bikes are difficult to control, and you want just stomp him. Knock him off then reverse over him or pull up alongside and blast him with the Ingram.  Once he's dead, pick up the guidance chips and head back to the Marina whilst fending off a two-star wanted level.

If Pierre reaches and enters the building on the north end of the island, the mission will fail.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Meet the courier at the mall
  • Find a TEC 9 (there is one behind a cul-de-sac in Vice Point), or purchase an Ingram Mac 10 and armor at Ammu-Nation
  • The courier is fleeing with the guidance chips! Don't let him get away
  • The courier is dead. Grab the guidance chips
  • Take the guidance chips back to the Colonel


  • The song that can be heard playing in the background during the opening cutscene is "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister. The song is also featured on the in-game radio station Emotion 98.3.
  • If Tommy attacks the contact before approaching him, he will attack Tommy with an Uz-I, but after approaching him the mission will carry on like normal.

Post Mission Phone Call

  • Mr. Black: Get to the payphone in Vice Point.

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