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A Mammatus in GTA V.
Vehicle type Civilian fixed-wing aircraft
Body style Small propeller airplane
Capacity 4 (pilot and three passengers)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V
Manufacturer Jobuilt
"Affordable, easy to fly, held together with rivets... The Mammatus is one of the best-selling light aircraft in history, and a whole lot of fun to land in high winds." description.

The Jobuilt Mammatus is a single-engine general aviation aircraft that appears in Grand Theft Auto V


The Mammatus seems to be inspired by the Cessna 172 Skyhawk and looks similar to the Dodo, a fixed-wing aircraft that appeared in earlier GTA games.


The Mammatus is powered by a single-propeller engine that is capable of delivering great acceleration but a top speed behind the Velum. The Mammatus has good handling, and is able to take off and land easily. The plane is great for beginner flyers because of its stable flight and low turbulence.





  • The term Mammatus is used to describe a certain type of pouch-shaped cloud which can be seen commonly before storms. The word is also derived from the word mamma, meaning breast, which could be an obscene easter egg.
  • Given the fact that the Dodo is a very similar aircraft featured in previous games, it is unknown why Rockstar chose to make a new model/name for the Mammatus.
  • Strangely, the airplane has two forward-facing headlights (one on each wing), which is rather uncommon on small civilian aircraft, which usually feature only one headlight on the left wing.
  • The Elitas Travel website description cites the Mammatus's reputation of its difficulty landing in rough weather due to its wing position - however, this is not true with its real life counterpart.

See also

  • Dodo, a similar looking aircraft from past GTA games.
  • Skimmer, a similar looking floatplane.


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