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Maude Eccles
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Maude Eccles
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Home: Blaine County, San Andreas
Nationality: American
Main affiliation: Trevor Philips
Vehicle(s): Emperor
Voiced by: Jodie Lynne McClintock

Maude Eccles[1] is a character in Grand Theft Auto V. She lives on a small farm just north of Sandy Shores. She gives out four bounties for Trevor Philips to track down and bring back to her. After completing all the bounties, she tells Trevor about her dream of having a garden with a white picket fence, a husband, and dog named Skip and adds that she is retiring.


  • She first appears in the gameplay trailer of GTA V.
  • If you happen to kill the last of the four bounties, she'll tell her retirement decision to Trevor via e-mail. After that, she'll no longer contact the player.
  • She wears the same calculator watch as Trevor.
  • Her phone number is 328-555-0185



  1. Last name taken from a Bleeter bleet

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