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Maxwell Caughlin
Appearance(s): GTA IV
Full name: Maxwell Caughlin
Also known as: Maxwell Caddy
Status: Determinant
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Unknown
Date of death: 2008(optional)
Home: South Bohan, Bohan, Liberty City
Nationality: African-American
Main affiliation: Unnamed friend
North Holland Hustlers
Vehicle(s): Emperor

Maxwell Caughlin (AKA Maxwell Caddy) is a criminal residing in Liberty City in 2008. He is wanted by the Liberty City Police Department for gang related violence. He lives in South Bohan and can be killed by Niko Bellic, depending on the player's choice, he drives an Emperor, and is affliated with the M.O.B. and/or the North Holland Hustlers as he and his friend use character models of these gangs.

Attacking Maxwell

As soon Maxwell and his friend drive off in their car, shoot the driver (Maxwell) in the head. Then his friend will get out of the car and close the doors. When he does that, shoot him. The mission will be complete. If you want extra money, pull Maxwell's body out of the car and he will drop $200.


  • In earlier versions of GTA IV, Maxwell is listed on the database as Maxwell Caddy.


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