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"Home to the Los Santos Panic basketball team, auditions for the hit reality talent show Fame or Shame - hosted by the celebrity who just won't go away, Lazlow - are also being filmed at the Maze Bank Arena."
―GTA V Manual

The Maze Bank Arena is a large sports arena located in La Puerta, Los Santos. It is home of the city's basketball team the Los Santos Panic, and where the auditions for the reality show Fame or Shame are held.

The stadium is presumed to have sold the naming rights to Maze Bank, which also owns the Maze Bank Tower.

Events of GTA V

In the mission Fame or Shame, Michael and Trevor travel to the arena in order to rescue Michael's daughter Tracey from the clutches of pop-sensation Lazlow. The two men chase him out of the stadium, but Lazlow manages to get into his red Dilettante and drives away from the parking lot.



  • Attention: It is forbidden to smoke in these premises.
  • Attention visitors and personnel: In these premises are subject to search.


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