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This is a disambiguation page for McReary, which could mean a number of things

You may be looking for numerous characters with the surname McReary, or their associated gang:

  1. Mr. McReary: Head of the Irish Mob. Deceased since 2000.
  2. Maureen McReary: The wife of Mr. McReary, mother of five children.
  3. Derrick McReary: Oldest son of Mr. and Maureen McReary, drug addict, police informant. Can be killed in 2008.
  4. Francis McReary: "Frankie", Corrupt LCPD police officer and employer of Niko Bellic. Can be killed in 2008.
  5. Gerald McReary: "Gerry", boss of the McReary Mob, employer of Niko. Incarcerated as of 2008.
  6. Patrick McReary: "Packie", the youngest son of Mr. and Maureen McReary, friend and employer of Niko.
  7. Kate McReary: "Katie", Only daughter of Mr. and Maureen McReary, girlfriend of Niko. Can be killed in 2008.
  8. McReary crime family: A gang in Dukes led by Gerald McReary

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