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Looking up the MeTV Building from street level.

The MeTV Buidling is a skycraper located in Star JunctionAlgonquin in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The building is 745ft (227m) tall, making it the 9th tallest building in Liberty City. It houses the offices for the MeTV television channel.

The building plays no role in the storyline in GTA IV and it is inaccessible by the player, however, the player may reach the roof by a Window Cleaning Platform.

The building plays a large role in The Ballad of Gay Tony during the mission Dropping In where it is revealed that the building's upper floors contain the offices for the Liberty City Rampage hockey team where Luis is sent to kill the team's owner Marki Ashvilli for Ray Bulgarin. The offices are accessible anytime during normal gameplay from the roof.


The MeTV Buidling is based off 1 Astor Plaza in Times Square, it houses the MTV studios in New York just as the MeTV Building houses the MeTV studios in Liberty City.


  • On the level where you get off the Window Cleaning Platform, there are large air conditioning systems with ladders which you can climb, however, there is only a small gap between the top of the air conditioning system so it is impossible fully climb the ladder.
  • If you take a chopper ride from Brucie Kibbutz, one of the possible destinations is the MeTV building where he will land on top of the Maverick that spawns there.
  • There is a glitch inside of the building. When you enter the room with the radio, there will be a metal trolley with some cardboard boxes on it by the door. Go near them, and press designated "enter" button. The player will climb onto an invisible ladder and crawl through the ground. The only way to escape is to kill yourself.
  • A Maverick will spawn on the helipad, but only if the player approaches in another helicopter, making the spawn point somewhat redundant.

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