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Merle Abrahams, (19472004) also known as The Infinity Killer, was a serial killer who lived in Sandy Shores and was obsessed with the number 8. Merle was the main suspect in the Infinity Murders, the murders of eight young men back in 1999.



Very little is known about Merle Abrahams' life. He resided in a home on Cholla Springs Avenue, Sandy Shores for much of his life, until he began developing a severely psychotic state of mind, and an apparent obsession with the number 8 and infinity (∞). He claimed that "8 is just infinity turned sideways", hence his nickname The Infinity Killer.

In 1999, Abrahams reached the peak of his psychosis when he murdered 8 male joggers and hid their bodies in the waters around the small islands at the northern most part of the map, in a murder spree which was nicknamed by authorities as "The Infinity Murders". Soon after, he was captured by the police and incarcerated in the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. At some point during his incarceration, his house in Sandy Shores was set on fire intentionally, possibly by one of his neighbors.

Abrahams later died in December 2004 at age 57, while awaiting trial for the Infinity Murders. He never confessed to have carried out the murders, but he admitted to having an irrational obsession with the number 8. The bodies of his murder victims were never found. 


Abraham's home is located in Sandy Shores. It is partially destroyed and appears to have been in a fire prior to the events of GTA V. Inside his home, there are various messages left by him. Among them is a message scrawled on a wall inside his house which reads "There will be 8" and another one nearby reading '8 is just infinity stood up."

On a rock in Sandy Shores, there is a short nursery rhyme left by Abrahams which describes in detail the 8 people he murdered.

Inside the Bolingbroke Penitentiary, on the wall of a recreation yard, another phrase can be found written in black ink. It reads "Where water meets land and fire once spewed forth, there the infinite 8 shall stay until I return". This phrase was most likely written by Abrahams, saying where he dumped the 8 bodies.

If the player investigates the small islands north of Mount Chiliad, he will be able to find 5 bodies at the bottom of the seafloor, bound in burial wrappings and laid to rest. It has been proven that these are the bodies of the 8 dead joggers which were killed by Abrahams in 1999.

In the Yellow Jack Inn, bloody footsteps can be seen near the billiards table, and since the main image of billiards is an 8-Ball, it may be possible that Abrahams had something to do with the bloody footsteps.


  • Due to the fact that Merle died in 2004, he probably died either not too long before or not too long after the events of Prologue.
  • Abrahams is similar to Freddy Krueger, the antagonist of the Nightmare on Elm Street slasher film series, in three ways. Both Abrahams' and Krueger's homes were set on fire by neighbors, even though Krueger was in his at the time and Abrahams wasn't. Abrahams and Krueger died one year apart from each other, Krueger died in Freddy vs. Jason which was released and set in 2003, even though he winks at the audience before the film ends [1]. And most noticeable, Abrahams' nursery rhyme that he carved into a rock in Sandy Shores seems to be a reminiscence of Krueger's nursery rhyme from the films.



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