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Merryweather Helicopter Pickup is a pickup feature in Grand Theft Auto Online. Once called from Merryweather for $1000, a helicopter will arrive to the players current position to transport him/her anywhere they wish.


You can unlock a Helicopter Pickup at rank 30 by calling Merryweather. This will provide a helicopter to be dispatched to your current location within a few seconds. When close to the ground, you can enter the helicopter and the pilot will ask you where to go. This can be done by opening up the map in the pause menu and setting a waypoint to any desired location. Once set, simply press X/A and the pilot will fly to your waypoint. Once the pilot reaches the destination, you can exit the chopper with Triangle/Y and you will jump out with a parachute and land safely. Alternatively, if you are close to the ground, you can press Square/X and fast rope out of the chopper as well. If you do not wish to be flown around by the pilot, you can instead shoot or snipe the pilot to gain access to fly the helicopter for yourself, providing it hasn't crashed or disappeared. Shooting the pilot, however will result in the player being put on a blacklist and not being able to use Merryweather's features for a period of time as well as a possible wanted level.

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