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Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Michelle
Also known as: Karen
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1981
Place of birth: Midwest
Home: Mowhawk Ave. Apartment Complex, Mohawk Avenue, Rotterdam Hill, Liberty City
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Main affiliation: Niko Bellic (Ex-boyfriend)
Mallorie Bardas (Former friend)
Vehicle(s): Silver Merit
Voiced by: Rebecca Henderson

Michelle is a character who appears as a supporting character and a girlfriend in GTA IV. She is Niko Bellic's first girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto IV. She is introduced to him during the mission "Three's a Crowd" by Mallorie Bardas, who encourages the two of them to date, due to Niko's having just arrived in the city and not knowing anybody.


Mallorie sets the both of them up and they decide to begin dating. Not much is known about her past life except that she may have had criminal links herself. She claims she is not a local in Liberty City, having arrived from the Midwest.


Unlike other girlfriends, Michelle has no special ability. However, she allows the player to keep her unique silver Merit after the mission First Date.


Michelle likes being chauffeured in almost any car, except vans and emergency vehicles. She also isn't fond of certain cars that come in beater variants. She likes Niko wearing clothes from the Russian Shop. Michelle prefers variety, expressing interest in new cars and pointing out if Niko is wearing the same outfit or takes her to the same place constantly. However, her intonation when asking about a new car sounds more like the questions she asks about his business rather an actual interest like in the case of glasses for example, leading us to believe she's assuming it's from illicit activities. In general, Michelle enjoys going out on dates to a variety of places, including restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. Taking her to a venue which has some form of criminal connection, for example Perestroika, or Comrades Bar will cause Michelle to ask about the various mobsters. Niko will quickly dismiss this by saying "I really don't know about that sort of thing, Michelle." among other things.

Cars Michelle Likes

She likes bikes like the NRG 900, too. When she's on it, she will put a white-pink helmet on.

Restaurants/Bars Michelle Likes

Venues Michelle Likes


  • Michelle likes most radio stations, but dislikes Tuff Gong, The Classics and Integrity 2.0.
  • Michelle dislikes the Happiness Island shirt.
  • If Michelle likes a set of clothes, she is happy to see it repeatedly
  • Michelle complains if you drive too fast for her. If you drive slowly she praises your driving, but in a sarcastic-sounding way. These do not affect the success of your date.
  • If you take Michelle out on a date to a bar she does not drink and therefore does not get drunk.
  • Michelle (whose real name is Karen) is discovered to work for the United Liberty Paper, which turns out that in Grand Theft Auto V is actually a front for the IAA, or "The Agency," a government organization based on the CIA.
  • Michelle is the only girlfriend in GTA IV that sleeps with Niko on the first date (if it goes well and Niko asks to come in).
  • Michelle will make some references about the Hot Coffee controversy that put Rockstar Games in trouble, as when Niko asks to come in for coffee or something, she'd say she would, but the coffee "would cost at least 20 million dollars." This refers to the amount that Rockstar Games had to pay because of the various legal cases it lost out of this subject. She also makes references that the consequences for this would have legal cases lost and people get hurt, adding more ironic references to the lawsuits.


  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, ask Michelle out on a date. When you arrive at her house push (don't punch her or it won't work) her until a message appears stating "Michelle Has Been Killed." A couple of hours later (in game time) Michelle will call you and ask you to pick her up. Say yes, go to the hospital (but do not get so close to her that she knows you're there to pick her up), fire a RPG to the side of her and she will die and will stay dead. After she is dead her body will stay at the place of death indicated by a heart symbol. You may call her to arrange a date, but when you arrive at her house it will say "Michelle Has Been Killed". There is a possibility that the game will freeze; if it does you will have to shut off your console. Also, if you do not want to lose any game progress you should save your game before attempting this glitch.

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