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Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Full name: Mickey
Also known as: Mickey the Bartender
Status: Determinant
Gender: Male
Date of death: 2008 (optional)
Home: Hove Beach, Liberty City
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Businesses: Bartender of Comrades Bar
Voiced by: Marc Fine
"Yeah, yeah. See you later, Mel."

Mickey, or Mickey the Bartender in the credits, is the bartender at the Comrades Bar in Hove Beach in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Mickey is always polite to Niko Bellic and makes very light conversation while he's there. In the mission "Hung Out to Dry" he can be seen talking to a city official who is saying that "Smoking in a bar is a crime", implying possible business problems.

In the mission Uncle Vlad, after Vlad flees the bar, Mickey can be killed, although he is not programmed to be and it has no impact on the storyline.

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