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Mike Toreno
T-Bone Mendez talking to Mike Toreno on the phone, whilst Carl Johnson and Jizzy B. watch on.
Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
For: Loco Syndicate
Location: Battery Point, San Fierro
Target: Da Nang Boys
$7000, Respect
Unlocks: Outrider
Unlocked by: T-Bone Mendez
"About time, T-Bone... Who the fuck is this?"
— Mike aiming at Carl as an unknown, because he has never seen CJ before.

Mike Toreno is a mission given to protagonist Carl Johnson from Jizzy's Pleasure Domes at Battery Point, San Fierro, San Andreas.


T-Bone is convinced that somebody is onto the Loco Syndicate. Mike Toreno calls T-Bone, and apparently he is in trouble. T-Bone tells Carl Johnson and Jizzy what's happening -- some thieves have taken the drug shipment and the van, with  Mike  still inside. Mike is giving details to T-Bone through phone, telling him his cellphone battery is almost dead. CJ drives T-Bone to the locations indicated by Mike, and finnaly finds that the real location is the Easter Bay Airport, where Mike's transponder starts working, showing the relative distance betwen Mike and T-Bone. Guided by the  transponder, CJ finds the van  and rescues Mike from the Da Nang thieves. Mike leaves the van after the thieves are killed, and, not knowing CJ, hold him on gunpoint, only to be stopped by T-Bone, claiming CJ is one of Jizzy's "clowns". Mike realises that the Police will arrive soon and they must torch the van with the drugs inside, despite T-Bone's unwillingness to do so. CJ destroys the van, then drives Toreno and Mendez away from danger and back to Jizzy's club.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get inside the car
  • Drive to the building site
  • Drive to the airport
  • Use the signal to find the van
  • Kill those goons
  • Destroy the Van
  • Take Toreno away from the burning van before the police arrive
  • Lose the heat! Get to the Pay 'n' Spray
  • Get back to The Pleasure Domes


  • If the player is using the "Never Wanted" cheat, then once you get up to the red marker at the airport, the marker will not change, and will remain stuck. To fix the glitch, simply run away, until you receive the message, "you left Mike behind go get him", then after that the marker will change to the Pleasure Domes.
  • Sometimes when crashing too much, the bar will not fill up. To fix this glitch, load the new game that you have been save.


  • Finishing the mission will reward the player $7000 and Respect. The mission Outrider is unlocked.


  • The song featured in the Pre-mission cutscene is called "Loopzilla" by George Clinton, which can also be heard on Bounce FM.
  • When Jizzy is referring to having eyes everywhere, the line is a rendition of the line said by Teddy Duchamp from the film Stand By Me where his friend Chris says "You four eyed pile of shit!" and Teddy replies, "A pile of shit has a thousand eyes." Much similar to the line said by Jizzy.
  • This mission provides a good opportunity to take the 2 Snapshots located at the airport.
  • During the cutscene where Toreno exits the van after he was saved by CJ and T-Bone, a small error can be noticed: a second yellow van appears in the background next to the vehicle CJ drove to the airport and a white limo which Carl can use as an escaping vehicle.
  • If the all cars are black Cheat Codes is activated ( 'iowdlac' for PC), the van in which Toreno is kept prisoner will still be yellow, probably because of coding. Acquiring the van (through failing the mission) and saving it in a garage with the cheat code still on will revert it's color to black. It is the only vehicle that behaves this way with that cheat code activated (tested for PC version of the game).
  • Although only T-Bone is in the car when CJ tries to find Toreno, Jizzy's voice can also be heard commenting T-Bone's instructions, implying that he may have been present in the beta version of the mission.
  • A first clue about Toreno's real identity as a governmental agent appears in this mission, where he asks for CJ's wallet while they are driving back to Jizzy's club. This is a possible explanation for why Toreno avoids meeting Carl afterwards and takes extra care in following missions, coming in a helicopter in Pier 69 , faking his death, calling CJ with  a voice interference so he cannot be recognised etc. As a governmental agent, he always has to know who is he meeting.
  • It not necessary to drive the Premier to rescue the Toreno, through the game instruct you to enter the car, you can then exit the car and drive the car that you want. If you want acquire the yellow Burrito you can drive the Tow Truck to the airport and kill T-Bone or Toreno after the cutscene, tow the Burrito to the garage and save it.


Video Walkthrough

GTA San Andreas - Walkthrough - Mission 48 - Mike Toreno (HD)07:58

GTA San Andreas - Walkthrough - Mission 48 - Mike Toreno (HD)

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