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Some homeless people under an overpass.

Mission Row is a neighborhood in Los Santos, part of the greater Downtown area. It borders Textile City to the north, Strawberry to the south, Pillbox Hill to the west, and La Mesa to the east.


Just like Textile City to the north, Mission Row holds a number of businesses and stores. However, it also contains a considerable population of homeless people. This is a clear reference to its real-life counterpart, Skid Row, which has one of the largest populations of homeless people in the United States. Its streets and sidewalks are lined with boxes, tents and shopping carts, which contrast with the nearby high-end hotels and office buildings. Many alleys in Mission Row are seen piling with thrash and hobos. Occasionally, there will be a mugger trying to rob a pedestrian.

Mission Row is relatively small and only has a few number of streets. Yet still, there are a large number of homeless people living out on the sidewalks and beneath the overpasses. The few high-end hotels located in Mission Row show a large difference between the denizens of Mission Row and its buildings.


It is based on the real-life neighborhood of Skid Row.

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