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This is a list of missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Story Missions


Sonny Forelli

Ken Rosenberg

Avery Carrington

Juan Cortez

Ricardo Diaz

Avery Carrington

Juan Cortez

Kent Paul

Lance Vance

Juan Cortez

Lance Vance

Umberto Robina

Auntie Poulet

Umberto Robina

Love Fist

Mitch Baker

Love Fist

  • Publicity Tour: Drive around in the band's limo while Love Fist defuses a bomb planted by the obsessed stalker.

Print Works

Tommy Vercetti

Asset Missions

Note: In order to unlock the final missions in the story line, it is necessary to buy at least seven asset properties, one of which must be the Print Works, and complete their respective missions. Phil Cassidy's place does not count towards this seven. Once this is accomplished, assuming Cop Land has also been completed, the penultimate mission Cap the Collector is unlocked.


Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

  • Distribution: Sell drugs to the people of Vice City from the cover of an ice cream van. After selling to 50 customers, the mission is completed.

Pole Position Club

  • Enjoy a private dance in the back room. After spending $300, the mission is completed.

Sunshine Autos

InterGlobal Film Studio

Kaufman Cabs

Print Works

Malibu Club

Phil Cassidy

Street Races

Pay Phone Missions

Mr. Black

Hyman Memorial Stadium Missions

Sparrow Missions

Off-Road Missions

Remote Controlled Vehicle Missions

Other Missions

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