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Image 11226

Full Moon over San Fierro Chinatown

The Moon, is Earth's only natural satellite, and is the sixth largest natural satellite in the solar system. The moon first appeared in GTA III, and has been in every game since then. It is assumed that the moon revolves around earth, like in real life. However, the moon is never referred to as doing so in any game, and it shows as a static image in all games since GTA III, fading into view at dusk and dissappereing in the same way in the morning. Also, the moon never goes through phases as it always appears as a full moon. There is no way of breaking through the atmosphere in the game to get to the moon (unless it's a Mod), because it is just an image. The moon is a helpful tool to navigate since it gives some light to dark rural areas such as Back O' Beyond in San Andreas. It should be noted the GTA IV version of the moon is not as detailed and bright as in past games. In GTA San Andreas shooting the moon with a Sniper Rifle will cause it to change its dimension.



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