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Mors Mutual Insurance
Name: Mors Mutual Insurance
Type: Insurance Company
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Locations: Portola Drive, Rockford Hills, Los Santos
"Health insurance provider and national leader in the business of human suffering."
― Description at

Mors Mutual Insurance is an insurance company that appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Mors Mutual Insurance cannot be used in Grand Theft Auto V, but gains a much larger role in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Mors Mutual's headquarters are located on corner of Dorset Drive and Mad Wayne Thunder Drive in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. The player can invest in stocks of the company by accessing the in-game website

GTA Online

If the Online Player loses their personal vehicle either by getting it destroyed or taken by the cops, they can call the insurance company and pay a certain amount of money to retrieve a duplicate of the vehicle. The price of the claim varies based on how expensive the vehicle is. If the vehicle is destroyed by another player, the money that the claim costs will be removed from that player's funds, unless they do not have sufficient funds. The player can insure their vehicle at Los Santos Customs. Prices vary depending on the car category. If the player buys a car from the internet, then insurance will automatically be included in the purchase.


  • As of patch 1.10, if the vehicles from the Collector's Edition (especially for players who do not happen to have it) are destroyed, they will be unable to recover the vehicles from the Collector's Edition post-patch. The same applies for the Space Docker as it will not be recovered from the later patches.
  • 'Mors' is Latin for death, which ties closely with the fact that the Mors Mutual logo is an hourglass with the double-helix associated with DNA inside it - therefore the name 'Mors Mutual' can mean Mutual Death - ironic for an insurance company.


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