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Mrs. Chonks
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto III
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Date of death: 2001
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Family: Marty Chonks (husband)
Carl (Lover)
Main affiliation: Carl
Voiced by: Unknown
"Marty wants to see me? Well, it better be quick, because I have to get my hair done"
―Mrs. Chonks

Mrs. Chonks is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto III. She appeared in the mission The Wife and is also mentioned on the mission Her Lover. She is the wife of Marty Chonks and lover of Carl.



Mrs. Chonks is known to spend a lot of the money, and in particular on herself. This despite the fact that her husband Marty Chonks is losing vast amounts of money from his dog food factory (probably because there is a ban on dogs in Liberty City).

Mrs. Chonks is also not being faithful to her husband, having an affair with Carl. Her husband is aware of this, and quickly makes plans to cash in on her life insurance policy. Marty Chonks employs Claude to pick her up from Classic Nails. Upon arriving to pick her up, Mrs. Chonks says "Marty wants to see me? Well, it better be quick, because I have to get my hair done".

Mrs. Chonks is then murdered by Marty, who turns her corpse into dog food. The car that Claude had driven her in is dumped into the sea, in order to eliminate any evidence.


  • Being a minor character, she does not use a unique character model and instead uses a pedestrian model seen in most areas of Liberty City.



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