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For the character, see Mrs. Philips.
Mrs. Philips
Game: Grand Theft Auto V
For: Mrs. Philips
Location: Trevor's Trailer, Sandy Shores
Protagonist(s): Trevor Philips
Conditions of mission failure:
Unlocked by: The Time's Come or The Third Way
"I'm an old woman, Trevor. I don't got no insurance..."
―Mrs. Philips to her son

Mrs. Philips and Damaged Goods are two Strangers and Freaks side missions in Grand Theft Auto V, given to protagonist Trevor Philips by his mother, Mrs. Philips, who makes her appearance in the game.


For these missions to appear, the storyline will have to be completed with Trevor left alive. This will allow the "?" icon to appear at his trailer just after the end credits finish. Upon arrival, Trevor will storm in the front door, shocked to find his mother waiting inside. After an emotional conversation with her, she will say she has no insurance and is in pain, and that she needs Deludamol, to which Trevor will pick himself up from the floor and try to leave immediately so he can get her the drug. On his way out, she tells him to find a "truck load" of 1000mg doses for her. After the encounter ends, Trevor will stomp out of the trailer upset, and the mission Mrs. Philips will end, allowing the player to search for the van passively.

A Deludamol Rumpo (which is a van, despite Mrs. Philips wanting a truck load) can always by found parked out front of every hospital and pharmacy. As the player enters the van, the mission Damaged Goods begins, and they will have to deliver the van back to the trailer. When the player returns, the cutscene will show that Trevor's mother has disappeared, to which he becomes upset, lays on the floor in a fetal position, and cries. This might imply he was hallucinating about his mother the whole time, due to her sudden appearance, where he will say "I didn't know they let you out.", and also her sudden disappearance. Also explaining why Ron vanishes from the porch in between "Mrs Phillips" and "Damaged goods" and then if you instantly switch back to Trevor from Franklin, you see him binge drinking, and when he leaves the trailer Ron reappears. Completing the mission will then switch characters from Trevor to Franklin at the Little Tea Pot.

Mission Objectives

Note: the van may not immediately spawn after the mission begins. It may be necessary to explore for a while, or switch characters, before the van begins spawning.

  • Go to the trailer.
  • Go into the trailer.


  • Trevor's laying on the floor in a fetal position at the end of Damaged Goods may be a reference to the end of the movie Requiem for a Dream.[1]
  • Until Trevor delivers a Deludamol van to the trailer, he will be unable to access his trailer or the Vanilla Unicorn.
  • If the player immediately switches back to Trevor after the mission, he will be smoking meth and crying about his mother.
  • This mission isn't replayable possibly because it's a 2-part mission. It begins with "Mrs. Philips" and ends with "Damaged Goods". Furthermore, there are no objectives regarding a Gold Medal achievement.


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