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A Nemesis in Grand Theft Auto V
Vehicle class
Vehicle type Civilian motorcycle
Body style Streetfighter
Capacity 2 (rider and passenger)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Manufacturer Principe

The Principe Nemesis is a dual-sport/motard bike featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Nemesis appears to be based on the Ducati Monster and the Ducati Hypermotard, with a front fairing similar to the Kawasaki Z750. The front is very similar in design to the Vader. There are no body modifications for this motorcycle.


This bike has decent speed and fairly good acceleration. It handles surprisingly well off-road.




GTA Online

  • Has a 100% spawn in the mission "Lost in Transit". One of the three teams spawns next to four of them and that team will also respawn riding one when killed. Must park it in your garage before the mission ends. Also note, the truck you are pursuing will be moving and the mission ends if it is destroyed or returned. It is best to coordinate with two other players and have one of them secure the truck and take it to a safe location. It seems that the "Lost" gang does not pursue the truck into the city.
  • The Nemesis can be found if playing the mission "Rooftop Rumble". In order to obtain the Nemesis, all players need to be riding a motorcycle of some sort. Once starting the mission, Head to Simeon's dealership and it will spawn in the back area of his dealership. Once obtained, go straight to the garage and save it, but remember to save it first, before completing the mission.


  • The Nemesis is notorious for being extremely rare.
  • The default radio stations for the Nemesis are Space 103.2 & Lowdown FM.


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