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New Zealand
Flag of New Zealand.png
AnthemGod Defend New Zealand, God Save The Queen (secondary anthem)
Largest city Auckland
Languages English, Maori
Demonym New Zealander, Kiwi (informal)
 -  Prime Minister John Key
Establishment 1854
 -   estimate 4,405,200 
Currency New Zealand Dollar
New Zealand is a country in the southern hemisphere and is a neighbour (but not a bordering country) to AustraliaFijiNew Caledonia and other islands.

The country's OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification) rating system is sometimes considered to be slightly harsher than that of the Australian OFLC. For example, Australians can buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at the age of 15, while New Zealanders must be over 18 to purchase or rent the game. It should, however, be noted that New Zealand has an 18+ rating for games -- Australia lacks this outright, meaning that particularly violent or sexually explicit games may be refused classification and banned from sale. New Zealand sells the full version of Grand Theft Auto IV, while Australia has a censored version.

New Zealand does not appear nor is it referenced in any Grand Theft Auto game to date.


  • It is possible that, like Australia, the Angels of Death MC also have chapters in New Zealand but no evidence to this effect is ever given in-game. The Angels of Death having chapters in the country would reflect the Hells Angels (who the Angels of Death are based on) having several chapters in New Zealand.

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