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|size = 200px
|size = 200px
|caption = Niko Bellic in GTA IV.
|caption = Niko Bellic in GTA IV.
|games = [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]<br>[[The Lost and Damned]]<br>[[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto V]] (Multiplayer)
|games = ''[[Grand Theft Auto IV]]''<br />''[[The Lost and Damned]]''<br />''[[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]''<br />''[[Grand Theft Auto Online]]''<br /><small>(Parent character model)</small>
|aka = Nikolai, Nicky, NB, Niko B, Jimmy (allies), Niks, Nick, Yokel
|aka = {{H:title|Used by Tom Goldberg|Nikolai}}<br />{{H:title|Used by Ray Boccino and Brucie Kibbutz|Nicky}}<br />{{H:title|Used by Francis McReary|Jimmy}}<br />{{H:title|Used by Roman Bellic and Brucie Kibbutz|NB}}<br />{{H:title|Used by Playboy X|Money}}<br />{{H:title|Used by Bernie Crane|Niks}}<br />{{H:title|Used by Little Jacob|Mr. Mention}}
|gender = M
|gender = M
|dob = 1978 (Age 30)
|status = Alive
|dob = [[1978]]
|pob = Yugoslavia
|pob = Yugoslavia
|home = [[Broker Safehouse]] (destroyed)<br>[[South Bohan Safehouse]]<br> [[Middle Park East Safehouse]]<br>[[Playboy X's Penthouse]] (optional)<br>[[Alderney Safehouse]]
|home = [[Broker Safehouse]] <small>(Destroyed)</small><br />[[South Bohan Safehouse]]<br />[[Middle Park East Safehouse]]<br />[[Playboy X's Penthouse]] <small>(Optional)</small><br />[[Alderney Safehouse]]
|nationality = Serbian
|nationality = {{Flagicon|Serbia|Flag of Serbia}} [[Serbia]]n
|family = [[Milica Bellic]] (mother)<br>[[Roman Bellic]] (cousin)<br>[[Josef Bellic]] (brother) (Deceased)<br>Unnamed Aunt (Deceased) <br>Unnamed Father (deceased)<br>Unnamed Uncle (deceased)
|family = [[Milica Bellic]] <small>(Mother)</small><br />[[Roman Bellic]] <small>(Cousin)</small><br />[[Mallorie Bardas]] <small>(Cousin-in-law)</small><br />[[Niko's brother|Unnamed brother]] <small>(Deceased)</small><br />Unnamed Aunt <small>(Deceased)</small><br />Unnamed Father <small>(Deceased)</small><br />Unnamed Uncle <small>(Deceased)</small><br />[[Roman's Child|Unnamed Nephew]]
|affiliations = [[Roman Bellic]]<br>[[Michelle (GTA IV)|Michelle]]<br>[[Vladimir Glebov]]<br>[[Little Jacob]]<br>[[Mikhail Faustin]]<br>[[Brucie Kibbutz]]<br>[[Dimitri Rascalov]]<br>[[Manny Escuela]]<br>[[Elizabeta Torres]]<br>[[Playboy X]]<br>[[Dwayne Forge]]<br>[[Francis McReary]]<br>[[United Liberty Paper]]<br>[[Patrick McReary]]<br>[[Ray Boccino]]<br>[[Bernie Crane]]<br>[[Gerald McReary]]<br>[[Phil Bell]]<br>[[Derrick McReary]]<br>[[Jimmy Pegorino]]<br>[[Jon Gravelli]]<br>[[Johnny Klebitz]]|undefined|undefined
|affiliations = [[Roman Bellic]]<br />[[Little Jacob]]<br />[[Brucie Kibbutz]]<br />[[Dwayne Forge]]<br />[[Patrick McReary]]<br />[[Bernie Crane]]<br />[[Gerald McReary]]<br />[[Jon Gravelli]] <small>(Before death)</small><br>[[Jimmy De Santa]] (Lifeinvader)
|vehicles = [[Roman's Taxi]]<br>Jamaican [[Huntley Sport]]<br>Yellow [[Comet]]<br>Gold [[Patriot]]<br>Orange [[Infernus]]<br> Player's choice
|vehicles = Jamaican [[Huntley Sport]]<br />Orange [[Comet]]<br />Yellow [[Patriot]]<br />Orange [[Infernus]]<br />[[Roman's Taxi]]<br />Player's choice
|businesses = [[Roman's Cab Depot]]
|businesses = [[Express Car Service|Bellic Enterprises]]<br />Car theft<br />Contract killing (formerly) [[Brucie's Executive Lifestyle Autos]]
|voice = [[Michael Hollick]]
|voice = [[Michael Hollick]]
|status = Alive}}
[[Category:GTA IV]]
[[Category:Character Infoboxes]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA IV]]

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Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic in GTA IV.
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Grand Theft Auto Online
(Parent character model)
Full name: Niko Bellic
Also known as: Nikolai
Mr. Mention
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1978
Place of birth: Yugoslavia
Home: Broker Safehouse (Destroyed)
South Bohan Safehouse
Middle Park East Safehouse
Playboy X's Penthouse (Optional)
Alderney Safehouse
Nationality: Flag of Serbia Serbian
Family: Milica Bellic (Mother)
Roman Bellic (Cousin)
Mallorie Bardas (Cousin-in-law)
Unnamed brother (Deceased)
Unnamed Aunt (Deceased)
Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Uncle (Deceased)
Unnamed Nephew
Main affiliation: Roman Bellic
Little Jacob
Brucie Kibbutz
Dwayne Forge
Patrick McReary
Bernie Crane
Gerald McReary
Jon Gravelli (Before death)
Jimmy De Santa (Lifeinvader)
Vehicle(s): Jamaican Huntley Sport
Orange Comet
Yellow Patriot
Orange Infernus
Roman's Taxi
Player's choice
Businesses: Bellic Enterprises
Car theft
Contract killing (formerly) Brucie's Executive Lifestyle Autos
Voiced by: Michael Hollick

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