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No Love Lost
Niko confronts Jason.
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Mikhail Faustin
Location: Faustin's Mansion, Beachgate
Target: Jason Michaels
Conditions of mission failure:
Jason gets away
Anna dies
Unlocks: Rigged to Blow
Unlocked by: Final Destination
"Tell my father I can see whoever I like!"
Anna Faustin

No Love Lost is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by Russian Mafia boss Mikhail Faustin from his house in Beachgate.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:


Niko meets Mikhail Faustin at his mansion in Beachgate. Faustin explains that he wants Niko to kill The Lost MC biker Jason Michaels, who has been seeing Mikhail's daughter Anna. Mikhail tells Niko to look for the two around Funland. Niko arrives at Funland and confronts Jason, who rides off. Niko mounts a nearby motorbike and chases Jason throughout Broker, eventually killing him before he can call for backup. Niko calls Faustin to inform him of Jason's death.


Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 18 - No Love Lost (1080p)04:38

GTA 4 - Mission 18 - No Love Lost (1080p)


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