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North Holland Hustlers
Members of the North Holland Hustlers during "Photo Shoot" in GTA IV.
Games: Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Locations: North Holland, Algonquin
Northwood, Algonquin
Leaders: Playboy X
Dwayne Forge
Type: African-American Street Gang
Enemies: Manny Escuela
Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers
Affiliations: Niko Bellic
Patrick McReary
McReary Family
Pavano Family
Vehicles: Black tuned Huntley Sport
Black tuned Landstalker
Black tuned Patriot
PMP 600
Weapons: Knife
Baseball bat
Businesses: Drug-trafficking
Real estate
Fronts: The Triangle Club (formerly)
Soda Warehouse in South Bohan(formerly)
Members: Jayvon Simson (deceased), Marlon Bridges (deceased), Jordan

The North Holland Hustlers are an African-American street gang in Liberty City operating in northern Algonquin that specialize in dealing crack cocaine. They have been around since atleast the early 1990's.

Members of the gang dress in flashy hip-hop inspired clothing such as brightly colored sweaters and hoodies with elaborate designs, baggy jeans and shirts, jewelry and big puffy jackets with furry hoods, sneakers and Hinterland boots. They can usually be seen hanging in groups around the projects in North Holland and Northwood as well as walking the streets around these areas.

In 2008, Niko Bellic met two major members of the gang, the then current Boss Playboy X and former Boss Dwayne Forge, important characters in the game. If during The Holland Play the player decides to kill Playboy X, Dwayne becomes the leader of the Hustlers once again but if the player decides to kill Dwayne instead, Playboy remains their leader.

Dwayne Forge used to control the gang during the 1990's before being incarcerated. Playboy X them resumed control. Due to how vastly things have changed since the 90's, Dwayne Forge loses influence in the gang and becomes depressed and obsolete as a result.

Niko was ordered to kill two members of the gang by Playboy X, Marlon Bridges and Jayvon Simson, orders he successfully fulfilled.

Their primary business operation is drug-trafficking. Playboy X recalls how it "was all about crack-cocaine" back in the 90's, but now the gang has ventured out to more drugs; though crack-cocaine is still the primary drug. The gang primarily operates their drug-trafficking business throughout the various housing projects in their neighborhoods, though they also have influence in South Bohan as they control an abandoned soda warehouse for drug-trafficking. However, Niko is tasked by Manny Escuela to kill the shot-callers of the warehouse so it is unknown if the North Holland Hustlers still operate in South Bohan afterwards.

The North Holland Hustlers also ventured into the real estate business in 2008. For example, they owned a strip club known as The Triangle Club in Northern Gardens, Bohan. The strip club was managed by the Trunchez Brothers on behalf of Playboy X. However, on orders from Dwayne Forge; the Trunchez Brothers were killed by Niko; which angered Playboy X.

The success of their real-estate businesses remains unknown after they lose influence of the Triangle Club. Playboy X even tries to form a business partnership with wealthy real-estate developer Yusuf Amir but is unsuccesful. The gang is however, largely succesful at drug-trafficking.

They can be seen driving around in customized Landstalker's and Patriot's; much like the African Americans. If Niko calls Dwayne Forge for backup, members will arrive in either the Presidente or the PMP 600. The gang's most favorite radio stations are The Beat 102.7, The Classics 104.1 and The Vibe 98.8.

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  • The North Holland Hustlers share the same pedestrian skins as the African Americans. The difference is that the North Holland Hustlers are associated with Playboy X and Dwayne Forge. Likewise, the North Holland Hustlers focus exclusively on drug-trafficking and real-estate and only have influence in northern Algonquin as opposed to the African Americans.


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