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North Yankton State Patrol
Common name: North Yankton State Patrol
Abbreviation: NYSP
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Type: State Police
Vehicle(s): Police Roadcruiser
Police Rancher
Location(s): North Yankton

The North Yankton State Patrol (NYSP) is the police force that appears briefly in Prologue of Grand Theft Auto V. They operate in the state of North Yankton and were named Trooper of the Year in 1951. They are based on the North Dakota Highway Patrol, as North Yankton is based on North Dakota.




They use white Police Roadcruisers and Police Ranchers as first response vehicles. These cars are fitted with snow chains on the tires due to the snowy weather and treacherous driving conditions in that area. It seems that both are the Interceptor and the Sheriff SUV equivalents, respectively. Both were used in the year 2004, during the Prologue, so is unknown if one of them or both are still used (the Roadcruiser was most likely discontinued and the Rancher was left for civilian use).


State Troopers wear black coats over white shirts with black ties, and light brown pants. Their uniform is based on that of the real life NDHP's uniform. Due to the weather, officers are also seen wearing heavy duty winter attire and gear such as jackets.



  • Members of the patrol are quite heavily armed. Officers are seen using Carbine Rifles and SMGs in addition to their pistols and pump shotguns.
  • The police vehicles cannot be accessed in anyway. The only possible way for the player to acquire NYSP Police patrol cars is by means of hacking or other ways of game exploiting.


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