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Northern Gardens Projects is a housing project in Northern Gardens, Bohan. 3 buildings are located in Northern Gardens while 2 others are located in Industrial on Leavenworth Avenue. They are based on the projects in Co-op City. The projects consist of 4 main high-rise apartment buildings. Other buildings in the complex include a small community office, a community center, 2 playgrounds, a parking lot, 4 smaller apartments, a basketball court, a small healthcare center and also a fire station located at the site. The projects are the biggest housing projects in Liberty City by height & size, and one of the few buildings that make up the small skyline of Bohan.

Apartment Buildings

The projects consist of four 22-story apartment buildings with a height of 137.20m. As of their height, they're some of the tallest buildings in Liberty City outside of Algonquin, with a total room count of 1,408 (352 rooms in each building).


The residents at the projects are mostly random peds, however a huge amount of African Americans seem to live at the Northern Gardens side of the projects.

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