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Nuclear waste gta
Finding Nuclear Waste in GTA 5.

Nuclear Waste are collectibles found in Grand Theft Auto V. They are barrels of nuclear waste found in various spots in the oceans around San Andreas. Each barrel can be collected by the player for $23,000, and after all barrels are collected, the player will gain an extra $250,000. One barrel is hidden off the coast of San Andreas near the Sonar Collections Dock and is hidden on the sea floor.


  • An internet news article from Public Liberty Online after the mission Fame or Shame mentions the nuclear waste, in the article its revealed that the nuclear waste was spread into the ocean, after a winter storm that dropped several tanks in the ocean with radioactive trash. Government officials have tried to deny this story.

Locations for Nuclear Waste

GTA 5 - Nuclear Waste Waste Management Achievement Trophy(26:37)



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