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*One [[Tags|gang tag]] in El Corona.
*One [[Tags|gang tag]] in El Corona.
[[Category:Adult Businesses]]
[[Category:All Businesses]]
[[pl:Nude & XXX Shop]]
[[Category:Businesses in GTA San Andreas]]
[[Category:Businesses in GTA San Andreas]]

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Nude & XXX shop between Jim`s Sticky Ring
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Nude & XXX Shop in El Corona
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Nude and xxx shop-starfish casino
Nude & XXX Shop in Old Venturas Strip
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The Nude & XXX Shop is a network of pornography stores located in San Andreas. Overall, there are three shops: one is located underneath a Bobo advertisement, near Cesar Vialpando's house in El Corona, Los Santos, one in Market, Los Santos between Jim's Sticky Ring and a Cluckin Bell, and one next to a Cluckin Bell restaurant in Old Venturas Strip, Las Venturas. Both stores are inaccessible to the player and play no role in the storyline whatsoever.


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