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Ocean Flats, San Fierro

Ocean Flats DetailedMap HQ

Detailed map of Ocean Flats, San Fierro.

Ocean Flats is a suburban district of San Fierro, San Andreas, and comprises the southwestern portion of the city's coastline. This middle-class residential district lies to the west of Hashbury and Garcia, to the northwest of Missionary Hill, and to the south of City Hall and Santa Flora. The neighbourhood has a estimated population of 364.

Ocean Flats is meant to emulate San Francisco's Sunset District and nearby Ocean Beach. At the very southern tip of Ocean Flats lies the main building of Avispa Country Club, which bears a resemblance to Adolf Sutro's 1896 victorian Cliff House restaurant in San Francisco, which burned down in 1907. As its name implies, the Cliff House was situated on the cliffs of Ocean Beach, where the current structure also stands. Also, like Avispa Country Club's main building, the Cliff House eventually saw a highway (the Great Highway) constructed adjacent to it. The Avispa Country Club most resembles the Olympic Club or one of the many other golf courses that encircle lake merced in San Francisco.

A famous San Francisco landmark has also been re-created in Ocean Flats; The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, in San Francisco's Lower Pacific Heights, has been emulated very faithfully, although on a much smaller scale. The cathedral is known jokingly to many San Franciscans as "Our Lady of Maytag", in reference to the cathedral's roof resembling a washing machine agitator. Ocean flats is the most western neighborhood in the State of San Andreas. It is also the only neighborhood outside of Los Santos to have a public beach, though it is very cold and rainy most of the time and there aren't many beach goers.

In real life there is a large urban park (Golden Gate Park) in the northernmost part of the district. However the urban park is still reflected as Hashbury Park in neighboring Hashbury.


Colourful houses in Ocean Flats



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  • Ocean Flats is the rainiest and most consistantly foggy location in all of the State of San Andreas. Days where the sky is blue, and the sun, is visible is extreamly rare.

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